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The majority of my work focuses on this relationship between the individual, with their private life and inner world, and the public spaces in which they inhabit. With a love for color and the materiality of oil paint, my paintings transform everyday scenes into psychological, emotional landscapes and people within them into recognizable characters. 

Working from photographs that I take throughout my day, I interpret what I encounter - appreciating the mundane, typical, beautiful, unexpected. Library patrons typing and reading. Luggage plopped at an airport gate. Hands holding. Commuters on the train - moving, waiting, distant, relating.

I start my paintings with a structured under painting that gives way to layers that are more stylized. I like to work quickly, blending wet paint into wet paint, pulling it off to reveal colors below. I allow space for the material to speak for itself, giving an element of surprise that contributes to the altered nature of the scenes that I am representing.

 In one way, my paintings recount something I have seen, somewhere I have been, and people with whom I have shared a space. At the same time, I hope to capture moments that have a universal relatability - in hopes that viewers will consider their daily surroundings with a renewed sense of wonder.