2018-03-06 13.53.09_preview.jpg

I paint what I see and what I imagine. Working from photographs that I take throughout my day, I interpret what I encounter - appreciating the mundane, typical, beautiful, unexpected. Library patrons typing and reading. Luggage plopped at an airport gate. Hands holding. Commuters on the train - moving, waiting, distant, relating. The subject matter primarily focuses on people interacting within public spaces, exploring the interplay between individuals’ inner worlds and public representations. The spaces that they inhabit are at once recognizable and transformed.

I take these real moments and, through luscious oil paint, bring them into an energized world of color, texture, and movement. A structured under painting gives way to layers that are more stylized and emotional. I like to work quickly, blending wet paint into wet paint, pulling it off to reveal colors below. I allow space for the material to speak for itself, giving an element of surprise that contributes to the altered nature of the scenes that I am representing.

 In one way, my composite paintings recount something I have seen, somewhere I have been, and people with whom I have shared a space. At the same time, I hope to capture moments that have a universal relatability - in hopes that viewers will consider their daily surroundings with a renewed sense of wonder.